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Creating Better Learning Environments


About ESCO

Creating Better Learning Environments

The ESCO® Story

Teaming Up for the Creation of Better Learning Environments.

In 2015, a number of architects, interior designers, educators, product designers, and furniture manufacturers, met together and joined forces to become what would later be known as the ESCO ® Furniture

The diverse and extensive experience of the ESCO Furniture team in the educational environment, together with extensive school field visits, interviews, observations, workshops, and research, has led the team to the development and creation of new solutions for modern learning environments with quality and at affordable prices.

ESCO designs and manufactures the highest quality furniture for the education market. They serve institutions across different educational market segments including K-12, higher education, and training centers. ESCO Furniture’s comprehensive product range is designed to enhance learning outcomes and support the highest levels of student engagement.

ESCO furniture solutions are specialized in complete services packages, from educational space designing and planning to manufacture and finally, delivery and installation.

Our mission is to create new solutions for better modern learning environments are no longer a dream.
The team worked together for three years before deciding in 2018 to launch the esco® learning environment concept and product range.

The esco® Essential 10 concept

  1. Embody modern teaching and learning strategies
  2. Improve learning effectiveness
  3. Maximize the utilization of educational buildings through extended learning beyond the classroom
  4. Provide learning environment solutions for every level of education, as well as mixed-age learning environments.
  5. Provide flexible solutions that can be adapted to various curriculums and learning needs
  6. Merge informal and formal learning spaces
  7. Enable active learning
  8. Stimulate face-to-face interactions
  9. Expand peer-to-peer and group learning options
  10. Foster individual and self-learning

Key Points About ESCO Furniture 

ESCO specializes in designing, creating, and delivering modern educational furniture. The furniture is made according to up-to-date international standards and trends, but at affordable and competitive prices.